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Borth Wild Animal Kingdom

On a little hill by the sea, overlooking the beautiful Ceredigion coastline, sits this haven for exotic animals and home for rescued pets.

Just a short walk from Borth railway station and the beach it's a place where you can get up close and personal to over 100 different species of animals, birds, reptiles and insects to learn about them and gain a better appreciation for all kinds of wildlife.

Join us for an intimate animal experience and a day to remember for all the family.

Our Story

Dean and Tracy Tweedy took over this sanctuary for native and exotic animals along with their family in May 2017 and have certainly got their work cut out. Their first priority is to continue the good care of the animals. The zoo will be undergoing major modernisation over the next few years with plans to open up the hill and give the animals larger, more interesting enclosures where they can live in comfort.

What we do

We want to bring you closer to these animals and give you a better understanding of how they would live in the wild if their habitat wasn’t being destroyed. We actively support and raise funds for the Chinko Project which tries it’s best to protect wilderness areas in Central Africa.



Borth Wild Animal Kingdom

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You can ask us anything through social media or fill in the form at our contact page and we’ll make sure your question goes to someone who can help. Depending on the question, a response could take some time during busy periods.


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